With your help, the Rebel Alliance has successfully educated the citizens of "The Community" on the importance of identifying and protecting rights that prevent the interference of Government, or in this case the Committee of Elders, in the lives of citizens. Through your research, hard work, and Community Service Announcements, you have effectively identified the significance of the Bill of Rights and the specific right you were assigned, presented concrete evidence of court cases in which these rights were in question, and made real world connections that have encouraged the citizens to think about how establishing a Bill of Rights could change their lives for the better.

Now enlightened and inspired, citizens of "The Community" have organized and begun to petition the Committee of Elders to create a Bill of Rights defined by the citizens. If their demands are not met, the citizens have promised to begin a revolution and upseat the Committee of Elders, much like the colonial Americans did under British rule.

Having accomplished this great feat, you must have a renewed understanding of the importance of the Bill of Rights, and what it means to live in a country where you have a voice and your rights are enumerated and protected; and, if your rights are not being protected by the your government, you have the power to make a change.

Never forget what you have accomplished for the rebel alliance, and the difference you have made in the lives of the citizens of "The Community." Do not let your knowledge of The Bill of Rights and the power of popular soveriegnty ever stray from your heart or your mind. Continue the fight to protect the rights of all citizens of our world. After all, imagine what your life would be like today, if the Framers of The Constitution of the United States of America had not included the first ten amendments, The Bill of Rights.