Day 1: Friday: Introduction & Planning

  1. Introduction to the Project - review expectations and outcomes
  2. Assign groups and amendments
  3. Choose product and assign group roles.

Day 2: Monday (11/22) - Case Research

  1. Select Court Case
  2. Complete your SIM Frame Organizer - as a team.
    • Significance Master - Column One
    • Case Manager - Column Two
    • Connectivity Coordinator - Column Three
  3. Significance Master -
    • What is the Bill of Rights?
    • Why did the Founding Fathers refuse to create a constitution without these unalienable rights?
    • What caused these specific 10 rights to be so important?
  4. Case Manager - Research details of the case as it relates to the assigned amendment.
    • who
    • what
    • where
    • when
    • why
  5. Connectivity Coordinator - Make connections between your assigned amendment and at least two of the following real world factors.
    • Economics - How does your amendment impact the American economy? Does it change anything about American's day to day finances?
    • Social - What does your amendment have to do with society? Does it impact certain groups within our community? If so, whom? How? What other social effects does it have?
    • Political - Do you see how this amendment is political in nature? Are there a lot of laws connected with this amendment? What role does the government play in protecting this amendment?
    • eNvironmental - Keep in mind that the environment is not only physical. How does your amendment impact human geography? Do people move to different areas because of this amendment? (Ex: Pilgrims & Puritans settled in areas where there was heightened religious freedom. Do people still do the same?) Does this amendment impact how we interact with our physical environment?

Day 3: Monday (11/29) - Script Writing & Practice

  1. Type your script for Radio or Television Broadcast
    • All three group members must take part in the Broadcast
  2. Using yesterday's SIM organizer, make sure to include the key information from each column.
    • What is the overall significance of the Bill of Rights?
    • How has your amendment been applied in a real-world court case?
    • Why is this amendment relevant to us in 2010?
  3. Make a list of props you will need for your production day. This is especially important for our video recording groups. Wednesday is your ONLY day to record at school. On your list, label who is responsible for bringing each prop item.

Day X: Tuesday (11/30) - USH Benchmark

Day 4: Wednesday (12/1) - Production

  1. Prep for Production - Get your props ready. Set up your scene. Practice your script one time through.
  2. Record production and save as a wmv file. There is a tutorial
    • Radio Broadcast - Your group will need to get a recording mic and a copy of the Audacity instructions. Open Audacity from the desktop menu on your computer. Begin recording. When you finish recording, refer to your Audacity instructions and save your recording to your personal file as a .wav file. If you need more help, please check out this video tutorial. (Audacity Video Tutorial) DO NOT USE STUDENT NAMES IN FINAL PRODUCT.
    • Video Production - Your group will need to set up your scene in an area of the room or in the hallway where your teacher has approved. Your group will need to check out a flip camera from the teacher. Begin recording. When you finish recording, refer to the Flip Camera Video Tutorial to learn how to upload the information as a .wmv file. () DO NOT USE STUDENT NAMES IN FINAL PRODUCT.
  3. Final project is saved in a student file. On a sheet of looseleaf, neatly print the names of all group members and the name of the student whose folder your group used to save your file.

Day 5: Thursday - Present & Review

Review all group projects on web quest and complete the Bill of Rights Matrix.