You and your classmates are members of the rebel organization. The rebels have divided into small groups of twos and threes, and assumed roles with specific responsibilities. Each group has been charged with disseminating information in "The Community" concerning one right listed in The Bill of Rights. They have their work cut out for them. They must consider each of the following: 1. Their role in this rebellion. 2. The audience with whom they are communicating. 3. The format of their message. Will they use television or radio? 4. How are they going to inform "The Community" about their specific unalienable right? Your group has been provided the means to spread this information by jamming the signals in all of their televisions and radio frequencies. Having hacked into "The Community’s" mainframe, the rebels have acquired the access codes needed to override all technology in "The Community."

You and your rebel comrades must choose to create one of the following and assign appropriate roles:

  • Roles:
    • Significance Master – Analyzing and explaining the significance of the Bill of Rights.
    • Case Manager – Research and compile data about a court case involving your group's amendment.
    • Connectivity Coordinator – Evaluate real world connections to your amendment. How does this right impact the lives of citizens in the United States?
  • Audience
    • Remember that you are trying to explain these ideas to a group of people who do not enjoy personal freedoms.
    • Also, we are breaking through their airwaves and may be cut off quickly. You need to have a sense of urgency in getting your point across.
  • Format
    • Radio Public Service Anouncement - This is an audio option. This format is similar to radio talk shows you may hear on the way to school in the mornings. It may be an interview, a call in response show or a scripted radio commercial.
    • Breaking News Video Broadcast - This is your video option. This format can be done in several ways. It may be a commercial, a reinactment, a news show or morning talk show, or a scripted sitcom type broacast.
  • Topic
    • Your team is assigned to one of the following amendments:
      • 1st Amendment - Religion
      • 1st Amendment - Assembly
      • 1st Amendment - Press
      • 1st Amendment - Speech
      • 2nd Amendment - Bear Arms
      • 4th Amendment - Search & Seizure
      • 5th Amendment - Double Jeopardy / Right To Remain Silent
      • 6th Amendment - Speedy Trial
      • 7th Amendment - Trial by Jury
      • 8th Amendment - Excessive Bail & Punishment

Whichever media you choose, your final product must successfully educate "The Community’s" citizens on:

  1. The significance of The Bill of Rights
  2. A historic court case involving the Right you have been assigned
  3. Real World connections illustrating how the protection of the Right you present will improve the lives of the citizens.

There is a process you must follow when creating your presentation, outlined by the rebel alliance. You will be given four days with which to complete your project and introduce it within "The Community." Each day, your unit will be expected to meet established benchmarks.

Be aware that if you fail to clearly and persuasively present this information to the citizens of "The Community," if the mission is compromised in anyway, you and the rebel alliance will be uncovered by the committee of Elders, and you will become one of the "Disapeared." Good Luck!